“What is Transfer?”

“Oh, but you have to go through Transfer first….” That was the first time I ever heard of Transfer. This was sometime in the third month of my PhD, when I visited Bangalore and met a few of my friends. Was it mentioned during the PhD Induction week? I must have slept through that, what... Continue Reading →


My PhD Transfer – Pooja Padki

Third year UoN PhD student Pooja Padki, based in Bangalore, India writes about her PhD Transfer experience: When I inducted into the Phd programme in October 2015, we were told very clearly and elaborately about the Stage of Transfer. But at that time, it seemed so far away and distant that I didn’t quite worry... Continue Reading →

My SAD story

It is 9am on a cold March morning and I am still under the covers. Tuesday mornings are for Zumba, right?! Nope. No Zumba. No going out.  I’ll just lie in bed and marathon watch another random Netflix series. Some form of SAD had struck me. Wait. What is SAD? Let me take you back to a WhatsApp conversation... Continue Reading →

Why a PhD community matters

Doing a PhD is changing. A digitally based knowledge economy requiring researchers to use new technologies and work in teams across disciplinary boundaries is creating new pressures and new opportunities. Rather than holding on a romanticized idea of the PhD as solitary journey we should embrace the notion of community as essential to success. Being... Continue Reading →

Why Doctoral Students Should Attend Conferences

Last month, some of the PhD students based in India and I attended and presented papers at the International Conference On Challenging Exclusion (ICEE) jointly hosted by the National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities, India and the University of Northampton (UoN). It’s an expectation at most universities including ours that, during the... Continue Reading →

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