Travelling Through my PhD Transfer: The Importance of a Supportive PGR Community

I completed my journey through the transfer process at the University of Northampton in April this year. As a part time student I began the process around 14 months into my PhD and completed it, in accordance with the relevant guidelines, within around 18 months of my PhD induction. Like every element of the research... Continue Reading →


Suggestions to my younger PhD self: why opportunities do not knock twice

Back in primary school, my teacher never got tired of repeating to me that 'history is not made of "ifs" and "buts"'. True. Going back in time to avoid mistakes is the realm of science fiction, time machines, and entangled in the Grandfather paradox. Yet, history, including one's life history, is how we learn from... Continue Reading →

Why a PhD community matters

Doing a PhD is changing. A digitally based knowledge economy requiring researchers to use new technologies and work in teams across disciplinary boundaries is creating new pressures and new opportunities. Rather than holding on a romanticized idea of the PhD as solitary journey we should embrace the notion of community as essential to success. Being... Continue Reading →

Why Doctoral Students Should Attend Conferences

Last month, some of the PhD students based in India and I attended and presented papers at the International Conference On Challenging Exclusion (ICEE) jointly hosted by the National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities, India and the University of Northampton (UoN). It’s an expectation at most universities including ours that, during the... Continue Reading →

We are in this together

10 Dec, 2017 Sumathi, Pooja and I met up yesterday at a Mumbai style Iranian cafe in Bangalore, India. Over a delicious meal of various Parsi delicacies and Mumbai street food, we shared our PhD experiences thus far. Sumathi and Pooja are third year part time PhD students based in Bangalore, India. It was heartening... Continue Reading →

Peer Support Group Meeting Two

The second Peer Support Group met up online 11th December to discuss writing and submitting a conference abstract. Key takeaways from the discussion are listed below Conference Abstract is about part of your PhD not all of it. Focus on a section such as the literature review or methodology and write about that. Show how it’s... Continue Reading →

Peer Support Group Meeting One

The first meeting of the SuCCEED@8 Peer Support Group took place on 5th December, online and offline.   Four participants met up on campus at the University of Northampton and four joined remotely via Skype. The theme was Preparing for a Conference and there were two  blended learning activities. These looked at creating an online identity,... Continue Reading →

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